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Session and Prices

Reflexology sessions begin with a general relaxation technique where the foot is massaged to prepare it for the treatment. After this I concentrate on your reflexes and begin the process. I use my fingers and thumb to relive toxins and imbalances in the body and help the natural flow of energy to bring a state relaxation and healing within the body. At the end of the treatment I will massage the foot and ankle to leave you in a relaxed and calm state.

The treatment will generally last for 60 minutes with the exception being the first treatment being 80 minutes as I will need to ascertain your medical history and collect relevant information from. Half and hour treatments are available on request as well.

Hand reflexology works on the same concept of pressing pressure points corresponding to different organs of the body to release a flow of energy and heal the body as a whole.
I use oil or specialised cream for my treatments, however sometimes powder might be used depending on individual circumstances.

60 min session--£35
30 min session--£20
90 min session--£50( includes feet and hand reflexology)

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